Coloured & Clear Sacks

Coloured Refuse Sacks, plus Yellow "Clinical Waste" sacks and Dissolvo sacks that dissolve in hot water.
Our bags are classified as

"Light Duty", "Medium Duty", "Heavy Duty"  and "Extra Heavy Duty" ) 

Where 3 measurements are given eg. 18 x 29 x 39

  • 18" is the Folded Width
  • 29" is the Open Width (circumference of 58") with the gusset; and
  • 39" the Length

Please note these measurements are in inches and are approximate.


  Water Soluble Sacks
• An economical way to isolate, transport, and disinfect foul and contaminated linen.
• Ensure compliance with DHSS Guidelines HC(95) 18, for the Safe Handling of Contaminated Laundry.
• Eliminate the need for protective equipment / clothing for soiled linen handlers.
• Reduce labour and bio-hazard disposal costs.
• Seal in airborne bacteria and prevents escape or leakage.
• Protect workers from infectious body fluids and blood borne pathogens found on linens used by hospitals, clinics, dentists, veterinarians and diaper facilities.
• Will not harm environment or clog drains.
• Completely recyclable! (Polyethylene LDPE)

Laundry Bags (Smaller & thinner 10mu 18 x 25 x 27) or (Large 12mu 18 x 28 x 38) - 2614
with a water soluble strip, to avoid handling laundry
Laundry Bags 18 x 28 x 30 (12mu) - 2613
with a water soluble strip, to avoid handling laundry
Clear Wheelie Bin Sacks 30 x 46 x 54 - 2707
Rubble Sacks in Black or Blue - 2669
21 x 32 and a nominal 400 gauge virtually unbreakable. Suitable for builders merchants or anyone wanting to remove heavy loads of waste
Coloured & Clear Sacks - Medium Duty 45 x 72 x 94cm - 2612
transparent, idea for dividing recycling waste
Yellow Printed Clinical Waste for incineration - 1712
28 x 39inch 100g
Clear Compactor Sacks 20 x 33 x44 (also available in Black) - 2629
Extra Heavy Duty Clear sacks for Heavy or wet industrial waste (also available in Black)