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Centre Feed Rolls

A very versatile dispensing system for anyone who needs lengths of absorbent tissue to wipe things or dry hands. The wall mounted dispensers come in 3 sizes to suit your premises: Mini, Standard or Maxi.

The core of the paper roll is removable, so that paper can be fed in a spiral through the bottom of the dispenser. The rolls are perforated, and will tear when pulled upwards against the edge of the dispenser.

Mini Centrefeed Rolls
These come in a basic 1 ply version, or more luxurious feeling 2 ply papers, again in varying qualities. Ideal for small work areas for mopping and wiping and/or hand drying where space is at a premium.

Standard Centrefeed Rolls
Probably the most popular paper format in the UK, and available in 1, 2 and 3 ply papers of varying strengths and absorbencies to meet different applications. 2 ply blue rolls, of which we offer no less than 5 varieties (!) are by far the most popular, but there are numerous other choices. They really are ideal for virtually every working environment for wiping up spills, drying hands and cleaning equipment.

Maxi Centrefeed Rolls
These are preferred by farmers, the automotive industry and factories, where a very substantial handful of paper is needed.