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Check the Spec!

As in most things, in the world of disposable hygiene products, you tend to get what you pay for. When comparing anything from a plastic bag to a paper towel, there are so many things the manufacturer...
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Glove Guide

Our disposable glove range includes latex gloves, vinyl gloves (PVC), nitrile and polythene gloves, to meet every application. The majority are medical grade Class 1 Medical Devices, meeting AQL1.5 quality...
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Hot Air Dryers

We don’t like selling Hot Air Dryers because people don’t like using them. We would advise against them if you have a number of staff taking their break at the same time – they will...
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Latex Allergy

When choosing gloves, you need to be aware that latex can cause an allergic reaction in certain people, and there is plentiful information about it available on the internet. The latex glove manufacturers...
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Paper Towels

If you have existing dispensers that you would like to fill, measure the size of the towel compartment, and choose the appropriate towel size (from the C-fold, Z & M fold, V-Interfold pages). C Fold...
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Recycled Paper

There is justifiable concern about the sustainability of using disposable products. First it is important to bear in mind that all the timber for paper production comes from softwood forests, such as those...
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